Style or Type of Food Truck
Our website offers so much variety to choose from. You can pick from one of the models that already have a layout which works great to operate in an efficient manner. Or, you can custom build your food truck to your suit wildest dreams. That is why it is essential that you explore all your options.

What type of cuisine will you be serving? / What will be your menu?
Are you considering Italian, Indian, American, or fusion? Or are you leaning towards deserts, sandwiches and smoothies? Creating a menu could be an overwhelming task, but if you think about this before hand, it will aid in your final goal to select the right food truck by choosing the correct equipment and layout to make it happen.

Your Budget
Always consider how much your budget is to purchase the food truck. Are you going to use your own funds or will you require financing? How much would you like to invest? What monthly payment would you feel comfortable with, if you are financing? This will help you target your price range and stay focused on making a selection that suits your budget.

Where will you be operating your food truck?
There are so many choices available to you when your business is mobile. You can participate at your local and state fairs, private events, parks, or in an industrial or commercial heavily trafficked area which brings a new lunch venue within walking distance.

Where will you store your concession trailer, food, and other supplies?
Finding the right location, space and accommodation is critical to make your day more productive.

Our food trucks and trailers have been seen on ABC, NBC, CNN, Food Network and the Cooking Channel. Most importantly, if you are asking yourself why would I buy from Concession Nation, Inc. and not another company? It is simple, we do not design, we create. Our work is custom. We pride ourselves in making your vision come to reality. We are the best in this business, and don't take our word fot it...see it yourself. Take a moment to browse throughout our websites, and make notice of our expertise, years of experience, versatility and quality. In addition, we value our customers and you will experience it from the moment you call. We encourage you to visit our 10,000 sq ft warehouse in Florida to check our work in progress and ready to go projects.