Give Your Vehicle a Facelift

November 9, 2012

Think about the first time you see an individual’s face and hear his name. You come to associate the individual’s name with his facial features and gestures. If the features are bold and square, it is more likely that you perceive the man to be strong and confident. If his features are soft and round,…

Expanding Your Food Trailer Business

November 7, 2012

The big question that you should be asking yourself – even when you’re first launching your food trailer business – is: What’s next? It might seem frustrating to ask at times given how busy the present state of your food trailer is keeping you, but it’s worth contemplating if you want to continually expand your…

Measure Your Food Truck’s Performance

November 5, 2012

Whether or not your food truck business appears to be healthy, it is essential to measure key performance indicators (KPIs) in order to better manage and improve the areas of your business that require assistance. And what are the aspects of your business that require extra assistance? These are nearly impossible to know without first…

Watch Out: Pitfalls to Avoid in the Food Truck Business

October 31, 2012

Do you make, rent or buy a truck? Do you tailor your menu to a specific segment or make it appealing to everyone? Do you remain static at one location throughout the week or do you move around? These questions are overwhelming to consider when you’re first starting out in the food truck business. Nonetheless,…

Forecasting Sales for Your Food Trailer Up-Start

The duration of your food trailer’s survival is dependent on your truck’s sales. If the forecasted sales aren’t high enough to signify a decent level of profitability, your truck may not make it through the year. Investors and lenders find forecasted sales imperative to whether or not they provide you with loans or investments, which…

Food Truck Business 101

October 2, 2012

Right now, there are about 3 million food trucks on US streets and more than 5 million food carts. These numbers are growing, daily. It’s a good time to be an entrepreneur in the food industry – that is, if you’re in the food truck industry. In general, this business has significantly lower start-up fees…

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