Do You Need Extra Help Running Your Company?

November 26, 2012

As if finding a great staff to run your food truck isn’t hard enough, you’ll find that this business involves staffing needs that you may not have originally anticipated. Finding a great attorney, accountant and insurance agent may be the key to smoothly opening and operating your food truck business. Why? In the same way that you have expertise in the food industry, these individuals have expertise when it comes to running a business in general. So, how can you find the best ones for your mobile food stand?

Finding an attorney – You may not find it necessary to hire an attorney until you have run into legal problems; however, we advise that you find one beforehand. The reason? Preventing legal problems is a cost-effective, proactive approach to take in the mobile food industry. Finding an attorney for your food truck business can help you to discern the possible liabilities associated with operating a food truck in your area, ensure that you are compliant with all local and state laws that are applicable to your business, and help you create and maintain employee applications and documents. To find a great attorney that fits your needs, you’ll want to search for lawyers who have prior experience in the food service industry – and more specifically, the mobile food service industry. You can start your search by looking online at an attorney listing service or by asking local mobile food vendors whom they use for their legal needs.

Finding an accountant – All in all, you opened a food truck to make profits. Finding an experienced accountant is an integral move to ensure that you are managing your bottom line correctly. Although you may wish to do the bookkeeping on your own, it may be wise to hire an accountant during the first few phases of your business. Especially during the planning and start-up phases of your food truck business, an accountant can advise you on specific matters, such as certain tax implications, what kind of business you should create, and how to seek out loans and other types of funding for your business. To find an accountant that fits the needs of your food truck, consider asking other mobile food vendors in the area. In addition, ensure that the attorney that you choose has both the certifications and the industry expertise necessary to do the job.

Finding an insurance provider – Even more than your brick-and-mortar restaurant counterparts, your food truck business needs insurance coverage. You’ll need standard liability insurance, workers’ compensation, and complete coverage for your mobile kitchen. These types of insurance work to reduce your risk – and a good insurance provider will work to keep these costs to a minimum. Here are a few insurance providers that specialize in the mobile food industry:,, and

Remember, hiring these professional early may seem like an upfront cost that’s unnecessary to you, but it will work to reduce your costs in the long-term – which is what you need to be focused on as a food truck business owner.