Five Simple Ways to Increase Your Followers on Twitter

December 4, 2012

Right now, Twitter is the most important social media tool for your food truck business – hands down. However, it’s easy to let this tool fall the wayside when you realize how difficult it is to increase and maintain your following. Here are a few suggestions for raising the number of followers that your mobile food stand currently has:

  1. Place your Twitter username on EVERYTHING. Put it on business cards, your email signature, your website, your other social media tools (Facebook, Instagram, Foursquare, etc.), and – most importantly – your truck! Include your Twitter ID on printed materials, such as menus and promotional ads, for your truck as well.
  2. Use contests to boost your follower count. Offer discounts and free food to specific followers that retweet your status updates and messages. You can choose to award any customer you want – just specify what number (the 1st, 10th, 20th etc.) that customer must be regarding retweeting that promotion. You can also award your twitter follower by giving him a shout out on your food truck’s twitter account or by posting a status about him.
  3. Participate on Twitter, actively. Don’t let this tool slip your mind – even for a day. Update your customers on your food trailer’s location, promotions, special meal items, or use the site just to say thank you to your followers. You may also choose to retweet useful information from the users that you follow – concerning news, upcoming events, or the mobile food industry in general.
  4. Get involved in hash tag discussions. Hash tag discussions begin with the hash tag symbol “#” and are followed by one or two words that signify a trending topic – such as #HurricaneSandy or #HealthyFoods. If you participate in the discussions relating to your passions and business, you’ll find that users will follow you if they agree with your opinions.
  5. Ask your followers to retweet special tweets that you post about your food truck business. For example, many users and businesses alike us “RT” or “Please RT” to politely ask followers to take the time to retweet their messages. “RT” signifies importance in some respects, though, so do not include this on all of your updates or your followers will begin to ignore your requests.