OPTIONS: Exterior & Interior Custom Options, Awnings, Custom Signs, Graphics & Design and Accessories

You should consider the many options, features and accessories that are available for your food truck design. Below is a table of content to give you of the many options you have when it comes to food trucks for sale.

Exterior Custom Options     

  • Custom Windows 
  • Custom Displays 
  • Custom Roof
  • Custom Doors
  • Illumination
  • Menu Boards
  • TV & Speakers
  • Generators
  • Video Cameras

 Interior Custom Options

  • Interior Walls Colors
  • Flooring
  • Cold Package
  • A/C vs. Make-Up Air
  • Bathroom

While considering your food truck design, you should look at options that will enrich the appearance and purpose of your food truck. The list below is the most popular items that can help your food truck stand out from the crowd.


Custom Windows

  • Our standard concession windows are 64”x40” or 74”x40” with awning, sliding glass, and screens.
  • We offer other custom windows such oversized (as large as 10’), smaller windows, drive-through, roll up, and self-closing.
  • You always have the option to customize your windows, so you can create a look that’s entirely your own.

Custom Displays

  • Our comprehensive selection of food & beverage display stands, provide an attractive and eye catching base for presenting an assortment of food and drink items on constant display.
  • Also we have available self-serve ice cream displays.

Custom Roof

  • Beyond our standard flat roof option, we can also customize your roof with roof marquees all around or on a specific side, or 24”x60” roof vents package, or pitch roof.

Custom Doors

  • Besides our standard RV doors that come with a window and its screen, we also offer and RV door with a full interior screen.
  • We can customize your to build barn doors, if necessary.


  • Lighting is important to ensure visibility during night time, and to attract your customers.
  • You can customize your lighting in different ways. Choose the option that suits your style and preference.

Menu Boards

  • You must have a menu board, otherwise, how would your customers know what you are serving?
  • Check out our pdf brochure, to see our LED back lit menus displayed as a frame.

TV & Speakers

  • You can use a TV to display your menu, or also to attract customers by playing the news, a sports game, or any important event or show that is currently on.


  • It is very important to educate yourself on the different types of generators, their decibel levels and which ones are allowed in your events. Also, you must read the FAQ to learn how to maintain them and how to stay safe. Click here for more

Video Cameras

  • You can add video cameras to your concession trailer or food truck for safety and security.
  • We can install interior and/or exterior cameras, upon request.


Interior Walls Colors

  • You can choose the style you like for your interior walls, from stainless steel to colorful colors. See pdf brochure for more.


  • Our most common flooring is diamond plate.
  • You can also choose a starboard flooring which is great for all weather and has lifetime warranty.

Cold Package

  • You may want to add a cold package, if necessary. It includes two heat blankets for the two water tanks and outside pipes insulation.


  • Yes, you can include a bathroom inside your mobile kitchen. Make sure you communicate with your salesman to include it in your proposal and your floor plan.

A/C vs. Make-Up Air

  • While thinking about between having A/C or Make-Up Air you should inform yourself to consider the benefits and disadvantages of each. Also keeping in mind, the usual weather conditions where you will be operating.
  • The A/C choice works well while you are prepping your food, and the windows & doors are closed, and no cooking equipment is turned on. It is nice to feel a cold breeze, but that will most likely go away once you open the windows & doors, turn on the hood and the cooking equipment. So, if you are operating in a warm weather, you should expect that to happen.
  • The benefits of make-up air are that the 2,250 CFM pulls outside air into the air at very high pressure to circulate air at all times. It extracts smoke and heat from the kitchen to the outside. If you operate in a warm weather, this could be a disadvantage because when it brings air in, it will be at the current outside temperature.


Concession Nation can customize your food truck or concession trailer with a wide array of different style awnings for trailers and trucks. From patterns to solids in all sizes, we have quality awnings to meet the style and function of your truck or trailer.

Awnings make your customers more comfortable by providing shade & reducing the temperature under the shading areas. They are more inviting, especially if it’s too sunny or raining. They are easy to set up. There are numerous choices to pick from, which will also enhance the look of your mobile kitchen.


Deep fryer accessories

  • Splash guard – to separate your deep fryer from other kitchen equipment such as a range, broiler or griddle. It adds safety to your kitchen, and we highly recommend it.
  • Deep fryer covers – You need oil to cook, but what happens when your food truck or concession trailer is moving around? You are forced to dump the oil or run the risk of having a messy kitchen from the oil splashes while there is movement. The deep fryer covers take care of this concern.

Extension cords

  • An extension cord is a must, even if you rely on a generator most of the times. When you store your food truck or concession trailer overnight, if you have an extension cord you can leave all your electrical appliances on like your refrigerator and freezer. This means you do not have to waste time moving your food and looking elsewhere to store it.
  • Also, if you have an event where you can connect to a 220v, 50amps outlet, you do not need to use your generator.

Pre-rinse Faucet

  • We offer the regular standard faucet, but if you think a pre-rinse faucet is more convenient for you, we also have it available, upon request.

Ticket holder

  • We hope you will be successful with your mobile business and have a high volume of orders. The dreamy big line! How will you keep up with all orders? A 36” ticket holder installed on the hood, certainly does the job.