How to Choose a High Quality Food Trailer Manufacturer

February 14, 2013

As you begin considering what company to approach to build and create your mobile concession trailer, there is a list of qualifications that you should approach the manufacturer with. Here are Concession Nation’s suggestions on choosing the right food trailer manufacturer:

  • Certifications. Make sure that the dealer or manufacturer that you’re looking at is a certified manufacturer in your state. This will ensure that your mobile kitchen, concession trailer, or mobile catering truck is manufactured to the right standards for safety and operation.
  • Rewards and Recognition. Look for a company that has been awarded as a leading manufacturer of mobile food kitchens and high quality institutional food service trailers.
  • Feedback and Reviews. Don’t just read the reviews on the manufacturer’s site, but also read reviews about the company that may have been posted on other sites that host feedback forms and user reviews. Also, take the time to talk to food trucks in your area to gauge if the owners are satisfied with their food trailers and to see which manufacturers these individuals recommend.
  • Business Support Plan. If you’re going to pay for a newly manufactured food trailer or mobile kitchen, you must ensure that you will get the support and services that you may need, even if it’s months or years after the initial purchase. These support services should teach you, as an entrepreneur, the ropes of entering and functioning within the food truck industry and how to get into concession trailer events around your area. Services may also include detailed information to help guide customers on how to deal with local health departments.
  • Compliance. The manufacturing company should ensure that every concession trailer is federally compliant and meets local Health Codes.
  • Portfolio. Check out the manufacturer’s portfolio of work regarding mobile food trailers. Does the quality look to be up to your standards?
  • Financing Options. If you need special financing options, make sure that you pick a manufacturer that offers a comfortable option for your food truck business.