Using Facebook to Your Advantage

November 14, 2012

Facebook is a free, powerful marketing tool at your disposal. There are now more than one billion people on Facebook around the globe – that’s one-seventh of the world’s population! Creating a Facebook page for your food truck business is essential to building your brand and establishing your food truck’s reputation. And, it’s easy to use.

In order to create a ‘page’ for your mobile food stand, you’ll first need to create a personal account for yourself (if you’re not one of the 1,000,000,000 on the site already). From your personal page, you can click on “Create a Page for a Celebrity, Band, or Business.” As a food truck owner, you should select to create the page for a local business. This will help your truck rank higher in search results when relevant information is searched for.

Once you enter all of your business information and upload a picture, your food truck’s page will be all set up – but that’s the easy part. After that comes maintaining and promoting your page so that users actually see it. Your Facebook can be used as an integral marketing tool for your food truck business, as long as your fans and other users know it exists. Here are the following tools that will allow you to use your page productively:

Invite friends, family and fans: By connecting with these individuals, your posts will show up in their timelines – thus making it so all of their friends can see these posts. This will help increase brand awareness amongst new audiences of people.

Post status updates: Your updates can include promotional messages, pictures of your location or details you’ve added to your food truck, or you can post video messages to your fans. These updates keep you connected with your fans at all times. Anyone who “likes” your Facebook page will see these posts on their activity feeds. This is a great place to post your truck’s schedule and location.

Promote this page on your website and other social media sites: Promote this page everywhere! Given the reach of Facebook in general, it is essential to touch as many people on this site as possible – and, given the inter-connectivity of the Internet in general, it is easy to lead your website viewers to your Facebook by linking the two. The benefits of getting your website viewers to “like” your Facebook is that these users will then automatically be updated with your location and statuses, rather than the users having to manually and independently check out your website each time.

Get Facebook on your phone: Why? This makes posting easier and more convenient. You can post in real-time, such as when you’re in your food truck making delicious meals for the line of customers. Does one plate of food look particularly appetizing? Snap a picture and post it. Make your Facebook fans’ mouths water! They’ll come running for your goodies – your food truck goodies, that is.